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Applescripts From Photos User Tips Compiled as Applications 
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The following are Applescripts from the Photos for Mac User Tips section of the Apple Support Community that have been offered by various users in the community.  As I prefer to use applications instead of workflows or services I’ve compiled them as apps. 

NOTE 1:  Double click on the file to uncompress/unzip it.  In order to launch the app the first time Control (right) - click on it and select Open from the contextual menu:
01 - Batch Change the Title to the Capture Date
04 - Batch Change the Date to a Fixed Date (Capture Date)
03 - Batch Change Title to Capture Date+Description+Padded Sequential No.
05 - Batch Change the Descriptions
06 - Extract the Numerical GPS Values Using an Applescript
07 - Batch Change Titles to the File Name
08 - Change Title to the File Name without the Extension
09 - Import Folders of Image Files into Library as Albums
10 - How to Find Which Albums a Photo is in-(v 3, 4 & 4 Sierra) - Jacques Rioux’s Script
11 - Export Albums to Folders (2 versions) - Jacques Rioux’s Script
12 - Append Keywords to Title Field - Léonie’s Script
13 - Shuffle Photos for an Instant Slideshow in Random Order
NOTE 2:  Be sure to read the instructions for each Applescript at the Photos User Tips before using.  Some have requirements other than just running the script
02 - Batch Change Title to Text w/Padded Sequential No.
14 - How to Find Photos Without Any Keywords
15 - Sort Landscape-Portrait-Square Photos
16 - Copy GPS from one Photo to other Photos
17 - Batch Append Text to Description
18 - Photos Near Major Circles of Latitude
19 - Search for Photos by the Dimensions in Pixel Size
20 - Sort Selected Photos by EXIF Altitude
21 - Lift and Stamp All Metadata From One Photo to Other Photos
22 - Find Photos or Videos Larger and smaller Than Selected File Size
23 - Search for Albums with Certain Phrase in Name and Combine in a New Album

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